What does exploring Florida's Nature Coast offer to those who love off the beaten path areas of Florida?

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What does exploring Florida's Nature Coast offer to those who love off the beaten path areas of Florida? This area consists mainly of an area of smaller counties, towns, and cities along Florida's Gulf coast. The areas are largely undeveloped areas in regard to tourism development take overs. Much of these areas are important in Florida's history and a great deal of the environment and business and residential areas have been preserved. You will not find these hidden treasures following the interstates in Florida or other major highways. Most are found by traveling county roads to these destinations. Solme examples of these treasures include the historical city of Cedar Key, Florida. The original Cedar Key was located on an island across an area of the Gulf of Mexico which can be seen from the current city of Cedar Key. A hurricane destroyed much of the original settlement and it was moved across to the current location. Cedar Key became a thriving area with a railroad and factory where the first whisk brooms were made

Visiting the island reminds one a little of Key West, with the old homes, cafes and restaurants, "the docks," overlooking the Gulf where many businesses and restaurants are located, hotels, condos, cabins, private homes, RV Park, and apartments give visitors a choice in their personal preferences during their stay in Cedar Key. Some allow pets. There is something for everyone. Numerous places offer guests kayaks, bikes for their use to explore the waters around Cedar Key and/or the island. Most people who visit the island love to walk through the downtown area, which meanders around to a street facing the Gulf for a scenic view while enjoying a relaxing walk through some of Florida's natural beauty.

There is a State Park in Cedar Key that gives visitors an interesting view into the areas history. Tours are offered down by the docks with expert tour guides to take guests over to the original Cedar Key and explore, picnic, and visit the lighthouse. Live entertainment is offered during the evening at numerous restaurants for those who enjoy the nightlife. There are restaurants and cafes that offer a variety of menus from seafood restaurants to home style cooking. The Key Hole in downtown Cedar Key is an art gallery for local artists and a must see during a stay in Cedar Key, whether day tripping or to stay awhile. There are book stores, the Cedar Key Historical Society, which offers walking tours and introduces visitors to its history. Check with the Chamber of Commerce as well.

I have stayed in Cedar Key many times, and truly love the area. The downtown area is within walking distance to most of the places,a and I love walking through downtown just before daylight to watch the sunrise over the Gulf. What does exploring Florida's Nature Coast offer to those who love off the beaten path areas of Florida? Discovering the real Florida in all its natural beauty, exploring it, and enjoying it.

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